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3D application in anti-counterfeiting products

3D printing adopt optical encryption comprehensive anti-counterfeiting approach. Because the past anti-counterfeiting technology is too single, it is hard to detect. Three-dimensional anti-counterfeiting labels with cryptographic optical refraction data is not like ordinary prints which can be copied in the electronic color scanners. This technology can be applied in tobacco, beverage, cosmetics, clothing, medicine and other products' anti-counterfeiting mark. Some experts boldly predict: within 3-5 years, 3D logo will become main anti-counterfeiting trademarks.
    Your label and package will be ensured to be unique and not copied, according to the following points:
1. Using the original image, and ensuring that it is the only image.
2. Making a 3D design for the original image.
3. Adopting the plane column mirror (raster) as media, and asking it to display three-dimensional space screen.
4. Having a good control of the original image, and not letting it enter into the form of market in the plane form.
5. Making identification publicity,amplifying 3D images of tags and packaging, setting them up  in stores and public places for publicity, which is helpful for consumers to identify logo and promote the brand.
6. No one can copy your packaging or tags.

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