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What is post-process?

When many clients talk about raster image (lenticular pictures), the main concern is a variety of design effects, such as 3D stereo effects, 2D changing effects, and so on. In fact, no matter what means of the design and output, correctly choosing grating material and accurately setting the grating parameters is the key to ensure the success of raster image.
Ink-jet printer and off-set printer use the differentlenticular lens materials. Ink-jet printers (including wide-format photo machine) used such grating material as low density (60Lpi, 40Lpi, 30Lpi or less), hard texture  (thickness above 1.5mm) and it is suitable for small quantities of personalized production. The lenticular lens printed by off-set printer is high-density (75Lpi or above), elastic texture (thickness in 0.89mm or less), suitable for large quantities of print production. 
The lenticular lens material density depends on raster image visual distance: the higher the lenticular lens density is, the shorter the visual distance of raster image is; the lower the lenticular lens density is, more far the visual distance of raster image is .
The lenticular lens materials that are used by 3D raster image and 2D raster image are also different: The lenticular lens material of 3D raster image use thicker materials, but 2D changing raster image use thinner materials.
Lenticular lens is also different from Slit grating.  Slit lenticular lens needs a strong light to show better results, while the lenticular image has no such restriction. 
Lenticular lens parameters mainly refers to the grating density or the lenticular lens pitch. If the lenticular parameters are not accurate, they will not be able to ensure that the output image is matching with lenticula lens materials, thus it will affect the imaging quality.
There are some specialized 3D image / Variable Chart Design software with an advanced raster test function which can accurately test and use a variety of grating material (including lenticular lens sheet, lenticular lens film; cylindrical lenticular lens and slit lens, etc.), so that the designers can quickly and accurately identify lenticular lens parameters of a variety of lenticular lens materials and ensure the success of raster images' design.

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