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  Product Nameú║ lenticular lens
  Product Modelú║ lenticularMobi-023
  Contact Telú║0086-755-33125333 Ms Andree
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Detail introduction:
Cylinder lenticular sheet has two direction: horizontal and vertical, Generally, we use "how many line length" to identify the size of the lenticular sheet.
According to the thickness and conventional usage of lenticular sheet, we can divide it into three kinds:

Lenticular lens, normal LPI are 40LPI, 50LPI, 70LPI, 75LPI, 90LPI, 100LPI, 161LPI, 200LPI, normal standard size are 51cm*71cm and 60cm*80cm, our company has all this production

Lenticular plate, normal LPI are 10LPI, 12LPI, 15LPI,16LPI, 18LPI, 20LPI,22LPI,25LPI, 32LPI, 40LPI,42LPI, 50LPI,53LPI,60LPI, normal standard size is 120cm*240cm

Roll lenticular, normally in roll shape package, because it needs people to adjust focal point, ití»s diffcult for common people to use.

Lenticular plate has been on sales in the market, 25LPI, 1.20mí┴2.41m,
thickness 4mm; 32LPI,1.20mí┴2.41m,thickness 3.2mm; 42LPI, 1.20mí┴2.41m,thickness 2.2mm, 18LPI(flip lenticular),1.20mí┴2.41m, thickness 3.2mm lenticular plate, it is in high quality, large size, high transparency, strong 3d effect, image effect is trenchancy, clear,no visual dazzling,this lenticular plate has been widely used in wedding photography gallery, advertising, decorative picture and so on. Sincerely willing to cooperate with friends from all sectors of society, create beautiful tomorrow! The above products have all the stock supply, if in large quantities, need cutting according to requirements, can manufacture different specification according to clientsí» requirement, welcome to call and write email to discuss.
Usually, the thinner lenticular sheet doesní»t suitble to print 3d photos by injekt printer, our company has developed some special kinds LPI sheet, they can be used to print large size 3d photo by injekt printer, they have low cost, less weight, safe environmental protection, can be used in supermarket, bus station, subway, superstore and crowded area. Welcome to talk over with us.


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