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The second diffcult point of lenticular printing

Lenticular effcets image design, color separation, synthesis - The second diffcult point of lenticular printing

In the 3D(or lenticular) printing process, will encounter three questions:

1 How to do 3D(or lenticular) figure? There are two ways, with 3D(or lenticular) camera shot, or 3D(or lenticular) design software, such as psdto3d101 ..
2 How to do lagre photo? 3D(or lenticular) image is seen by a number of angles the merger of the image plane. The more number of images, the effect is more clear, better layering, such as 75-line grating, for 3D(or lenticular) printing Figure 9 required for the 3D(or lenticular) printing (2400 DPI) will need 32 Fig. a huge amount of information that a specific 3D(or lenticular) 3D(or lenticular) photo production software to complete.
3 How to output large photo ? Larger at least 3G, to get the film company or CTP plate center output, was told that the file is too large, RIP to explain error. How to do? Explain the use of specialized RIP software on it. If the Company's RIP3D 3.0.

3D printing, with the direction, zoom in nature.

Its accuracy is divided into: horizontal and vertical precision accuracy.

Horizontal accuracy the higher the better, the closer the better DPI output machines, such as 2400,2540,4000,4800.

The vertical accuracy is only 300DPI, is sufficient.

psdto3d99 software with output horizontal accuracy, vertical accuracy of the larger low-function. You can make 3D(or lenticular) photos, 3D(or lenticular) feeling good, but the file smaller.

Why RIP3D 3.0 can improve the accuracy of 3D(or lenticular) printing ten times?

1 horizontal output precision is ten times the original. Such as the 2400 DPI.

2 side-synthesis separation, split into small pieces to be larger, both to ensure the accuracy and reduces the degree of difficulty.

The company developed 3D(or lenticular) design software and RIP3D3.0 PSDTO3D101 output software, not easy to solve larger production difficult, the difficult problem of output. And to ensure that the same machine print the best results.

Undertake external 3D(or lenticular) printing and technical guidance services.





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