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The third diffcult point of 3D lenticular printing

3D plate and precision - The third diffcult point of 3D lenticular printing

Printed on 3D lenticular network cable, network, overlay and other requirements are high, than the flat printing is difficult. To print high-resolution 3D lenticular results, we must improve the accuracy of 3D lenticular printing, if printing accuracy not required, will not talk about the 3D lenticular printing.

Affect the accuracy of 3D lenticular printing for many reasons: printer models, the machine's own aging, ink and other products supporting the use of blanket, the captain of the sets of bit level, 3D lenticular plate method, 3D lenticular technical and other reasons. For different reasons, we have to take a different solution. Here, we only talk from the 3D lenticular plate.

3D lenticular make-up, also known as 3D lenticular layout, 3D layout, 3D printing make-up, 3D lenticular plate, 3D lenticular printing is a 3D version of a neutral system, a very important part of a step

As the 3D lenticular perspective of map by, according to its specificity, in the plate-making process must grasp its accuracy, otherwise it will result in failure of 3D 3D lenticular printing, as long as the performance of the 3D lenticular clarity, gloss, 3D lenticular sense, whether faint eyes, and several standard the above.

3D lenticular printing is different from the ordinary print, the number of lines affected by the grating, to achieve the desired effect of 3D lenticular printing, printing in the 3D lenticular orientation, good grasp of accuracy, 100% of the exact location, it is necessary to use professional 3D printing 3D lenticular layout software.

Traditional film, proofing, plate printing process to the 3D lenticular printing is a big difficulty, 3D lenticular and technical personnel without professional guidance, it is difficult to be satisfied with the 3D lenticular effect. Now, with the popularity of CTP plate making system, 3D lenticular printing to bring the dawn. Agfa CTP plate making system, Kodak, Screen, Fuji and many other models, the model, the principle of plate, resolution, and hanging nets are not the same. CTP plate making system is best for that 3D lenticular printing? This is printing very concerned about the issue, but also consult our clients often call the question.

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